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Carrie Firman


Associate Professor

Program Coordinator

Graphic Design 

800.444.4861 x 3488

After earning my BA in Commercial Design, I worked in the design industry in corporate and ad agency settings. I earned my MFA in Visual Studies with the intent of becoming a graphic design professor. After graduation, I completed three artist residencies over the next year. I lived in Northern Ireland and south-central England completing two of these experiences. I have also been to Paris, Cannes, Lyon, London, York, Stockholm, Berlin, Brussels, and Amsterdam and continue to love travel. I began teaching at Edgewood in the Fall 2012 semester.

Much of my work is an exploration of synesthesia. I explore my visualization of sound, emotion, and concepts, which happens consistently and automatically in my mind’s eye. I have spoken at multiple US and UK interdisciplinary conferences about this work and exhibited in Berlin. I also make sarcastic visual commentary on our digital world. Also, in the Fall 2013 semester, I collaborated with a former classmate and put on an exhibition in the Edgewood College Gallery that explored our experiences living with chronic pain and illness.