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Dirty Canteen: Taking Place

November 9th – December 14th 2018


Ehren Tool, Jesse Albrecht, Daniel Donovan, Ash Kyrie, Amber Hoy, Aaron Hughes, Yvette Pino, Erica Slone

Taking Place, reflects on the politicization of survival. The Dirty Canteen is a collective of artists who served in the US Armed Forces who state, “We do not accept the complicity of war advocates as the threshold for patriotism. We seek to comprehend, reflect, and educate ourselves and others about what exactly is "taking place" in our country, our military, and the world. We are contributing to a necessary dialog that acknowledges the complexities of truth.”

The exhibit has been shown in 2018 in San Luis Obispo, CA, and the Pentagon in Washington DC. A number of the artists will be creating new work especially for our exhibition.

Display Case: November 9 – 21

Ceramic tiles from Labor Day Free Arts workshops with veterans and their families led by Ash Kyrie and Yvette Pino. The 9" x 9" clay tiles are embellished using a screen printed glaze technique. There are also a couple of clay reliefs made by veteran artists.

Atrium Gallery: November 9 – December 14

Front Line Arts: David and Saydi Keefe will create a large-scale collaborative drawing.

Friday, November 16: Dirty Canteen Artists Presentations & Reception

Dirty Canteen: Taking Place and related activities at Edgewood College are planned in collaborative partnership with In Good Company: An Exposition of Emerging Veteran Artists, a project created by Yvette Pino, Madison artist & newly elected to the board of the National Veterans Art Museum. It involves exhibitions at numerous Madison venues during the month of November 2018. (See document attached re the full complement of venues involved.) The Edgewood exhibitions feature artists who have been influential in the developing national Veteran Artists Movement and the Warrior Writers Project has gained national fame for their work helping writers to take charge of their own narratives to empower themselves with their own truth. This collaboration represents a strong partnership with In Good Company and reflects Edgewood College’s institutional commitments to social justice and community partnership, while encouraging greater dialogue and compassionate understanding of complicated issues. Sorting through the political ramifications of how we address the experiences, care and well-being of veterans is a shared obligation.

Participating Campus partners are the Edgewood College Gallery, the Art Department, the Theatre Department and Military and Veterans Services.

Related Events

Wednesday, Nov 14:

Visual artist Drew Cameron of Combat Paper will present his current papermaking works and a historical context. 2:00 – 3:15 PM in the STREAM 205.

Wednesday & Thursday, November 28 & 29: Warrior Writers Workshop

9 – 4 pm, Nona McGreal Room, Predolin. Sponsored jointly with Military & Veterans Services.

Our mission is to create a culture that articulates veterans’ experiences, build a collaborative community for artistic expression, and bear witness to war and the full range of military experiences. Our workshops provide a safe space for veterans to tell their own stories, using prompts and discussion covering a variety of military issues and experiences. For more information: 608.663.2300

Wednesday, Nov 28: Film Screening Living In the Story with film creator Lynn Estomin

4:30 – 6 pm, Anderson Auditorium

Living in the Story documents thirty-five years of art-making by photographer Patrick Nagatani. The film portrays an artist deeply concerned with world events, who uses imagery and storytelling to raise awareness about modern anxieties, with an emphasis on the threat of nuclear weapons. Despite the serious content of his subject matter, his innovative images are compelling and entertaining. An engaging raconteur and teacher, Nagatani talks in the film about his projects, his unorthodox photographic techniques, and his subtle weaving together of fiction and fact.
Estomin has also been active with Warrior Writers and will also be screening her video Out of Step, a collaboration with four young female veterans from Warrior Writers, a choreographer and an electric violinist/composer.